Our Charity:

As a charity The Wilverley Association makes no distributable profit, has no shareholders, and our Trustees (who are also the company’s directors) all work tirelessly on a completely voluntary basis. However it still costs to provide the best standard of care for our residents, so money must be raised on a continual basis. Another important aspect of our work is our on-going benevolent fund which is nurtured to help those residents who might be struggling to pay fees at any particular time. To find out more about how to support us or make a donation please see our ‘Donations’ page.

Our Vision:

To be part of a world where older people in need of residential or nursing care are encouraged to continue leading fulfilling lives.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide an environment where older people:

Our Values:

This year we launch our new ‘Wilverley Values’ – a set of values that harness what we do in a few simple words. These values underpin all that we do and ensure that we, our residents, their families and the local community are all clear about what to expect from us.

We have chosen a beautiful oak tree to illustrate our values as we felt that it represented our location in the beautiful New Forest. We also feel that the oak tree in particular is symbolic of strength, wisdom and endurance for ‘the mighty oak stands strong through all things’.



Keeping you safe, well cared for and secure. Respecting dignity and privacy and supporting choices. Enabling inclusion in the local community. Striving for innovation.


Communicating honestly and openly and admitting it when we get it wrong and endeavouring to learn from those experiences. Prioritising each others wellbeing, treating each other fairly and respecting human rights. Keeping our promises.


We treat each other with kindness and show patience and thoughtfulness in our actions. We care and we empower each other to recognise and realise our potential  whenever possible. We respect each others uniqueness and we encourage companionship, interest and activity.


We work together co-operatively and appreciate each others strengths. We are loyal to one another and choose the right attitude. We celebrate our successes and seek ways to provide better care. We provide guidance and support. We make a positive difference.


We value happiness and understand the importance of a smile. We are friendly, approachable, helpful and show genuine interest in one another. We actively listen. We promote emotional wellbeing and contentment.

Our Strategic Aims:

The strategic aims of The Wilverley Association are:


Reviews from our residents and their relatives